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Should I Replace My Windows Before I Sell My House?

February 27, 2021

When you’re ready to sell your home, it can be tempting to sell it as is and let the next homeowner shoulder the cost of any upgrades. But the amount of equity you lose in that situation can often offset the cost of upgrading fixtures like windows yourself before you move on.

Depending on your home and a few different factors, window replacement either pays off or is unnecessary before the sale. Replacement windows in Denver, CO require an initial outlay, and this may or may not be returned to you as a real return on investment. Consider these variable factors before deciding whether to replace your windows before the sale of your home.

Will replacement windows create equity value?

Many home buyers understand that energy-efficient windows keep their energy bills low and their homes comfortable in even the worst weather or climate. They also don’t want to add the cost of window replacement to their long list of expenses during the process of buying a house.

Closing costs, appraisal costs and the like can add up. Home buyers may even try to pass off the cost of window replacement to you during the due diligence phase. The best way to protect against this situation is to invest in window replacement upfront and pass off the cost to the purchaser via an increase in the asking price.

But how much ROI will window replacement garner the seller? Unfortunately, the answer depends on the location, asking price and whether it is a buyer or seller’s market. On the whole, return on investment is about 72 percent of the cost of replacement, which increases equity and asking price potential.

Finally, consider the market. If many home buyers in your area have indicated energy-efficient or new windows as important during their house search, you could be limiting your buyer pool simply by not upgrading your windows. If, on the other hand, buyers do not emphasize upgraded windows as important to them during a home hunt, the investment could be wasted.

How much does window installation in Denver, CO cost?

Depending on the window, homeowners can expect to invest about $500 to $700 per window for materials and installation combined. The difference is accounted for in the differing cost of labor, which varies depending on your location, and the differing cost of materials.

Windows made with low-E glass are at the top end of the spectrum for window replacement. They prevent harmful UV rays from entering the home, causing discoloration of furniture and overheating in harsh heat or high-temperature climates. On the low end of the spectrum, single-pane windows are the most basic but provide little insulation or protection.

If you are able, you can save money on labor by doing it yourself. Be careful though, because getting a good seal, preventing rattling and condensation between panes are all important to the efficacy of the final product. Unless you are very confident in your ability to do the job well, seeking professional assistance may be the best option.

For more information on window replacement or upgrades, seek a professional opinion before the sale of your home. Contact Reliable Glazing in Denver, CO for a quote and expert advice on the options available to you.

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