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How to Get New Life Out of Your Windows

May 17, 2022

Your windows are impertinent to your home’s energy efficiency and curb appeal, but sometimes replacing them isn’t within our means just yet. Repairing a window is a far more budget-friendly way to get this done. Reliable Glazing is proud to not only be one of the top glass and window repair companies in Denver, Colorado, and the surrounding areas, but also one of the most affordable as well. There are a few different options when looking for ways to breathe new life into your windows. 

Replace the Screens

Over time we start to see rips and tears in our window screens. Window screens are important as a barrier to outside elements and obvious debris such as keeping bugs off of your glass, preventing you from cleaning your windows as often in order to rid of the bugs. Replacing your screens is a quick and simple DIY fix to help ensure you’re getting the most from your glass.

Paint Your Window Frames

Something as simple as painting your window frames an accent color to match your home can surprise you with how much of a difference it will make not only from the outside but from the inside as well. Black typically adds a sophisticated look that never goes out of style. When you just don’t feel it’s time for you to replace your windows, this is a cost-efficient way to give you a fresh update on older frames.

Clean Your Glass and Frames

Seems so simple right? Sometimes all our windows and frames need is a good scrub down, both on the exterior and interior. Bring in the natural light and bring out the color of your frames to enhance the look of your windows. 

Repairing the Glass in Your Home or Business

We know how the harsh, ever-changing weather in the Centennial state brings along its’ challenges. Thermal Stress Cracks can be a common reason why your window glass has suddenly broken. Thermal Stress Cracks occur when there are dramatic temperature changes, typically overnight. Although this can happen during the Summer and when it is warmer, it is more common for this to happen when the temperature drastically drops. We especially see this during the Fall and the Spring, which Colorado is known for its’ unpredictable weather during these months. Repairing your window needs to be done as soon as possible when you see these cracks, as it could further damage your window beyond repair, causing a replacement. If you want to further save money and attempt the repair yourself, we have window repair tips on how to get that done.

Call Reliable Glazing Today

If repairing the glass yourself is not an option, Reliable Glazing will inspect your windows to get you the best possible option for your home or business quickly and efficiently. We also offer window tinting, safety tempering films and a variety of other options to further help your windows feel even more as if you’ve brought that new life into them you’ve been looking for. 

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