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Have you recently looked at your home or building and thought that it’s not quite what it used to be? Maybe the outdoor appearance leaves something to be desired. Perhaps it feels dark, drafty and drab indoors. First impressions are everything, and a structure’s windows can make or break its appearance, not to mention your heating and cooling bills. Whether you’re trying to impress a new client or a potential buyer viewing your home, you need to make the right impression.

We here at Reliable Glazing have been in the window treatment business, providing numerous professional window and glass services since 2003. During our time in business, we have established a reputation as the best option for commercial and home window repair in Parker, CO. And, when you hire us for your glazing needs, you can expect honest, reliable window experts to handle all of your window repair and installation needs. They’ll complete the work in a fraction of the time with a result you’ll love. Besides, fewer labor hours means a significant benefit for your wallet. Don’t worry, our swift performance doesn’t mean we are sacrificing quality products or workmanship. We always produce exceptional outcomes, pricing and service. There’s nothing we enjoy more than seeing the smiles of our customers when they see the finished product. 

Window Repair & Pane Replacement

Years of wear and tear from weather and use can result in weak, dysfunctional and unsightly windows. You may notice a crack, condensation or a draft. This damage means your home or commercial building is vulnerable to potential problems like break-ins, not to mention higher utility bills due to leaks. Weathered windows can also wreck the visual appeal of your structure.

We want to make your structure look as good as it did when it was constructed. Our skilled technicians at Reliable Glazing will always inspect your damaged windows first to determine if it’s possible to repair them. We understand the benefits of repair over replacement and always keep your best interest in mind. Choosing to repair often beats investing in complete window replacement.

If it is feasible for your situation, there are several great reasons to opt for window repair over replacement:

  • Repairing a window is usually less expensive than buying a new one.
  • Window repair can allow you to retain the structure’s original character. This is especially true when the windows are older since they can’t be replaced with the same model.
  • Window repair is typically the most environmentally friendly option. In addition to producing less waste for the landfill, it also uses fewer resources than the window production process.
Sometimes window replacement is necessary; a repair simply might not be the most cost-friendly or practical option for your distinct needs. We at Reliable Glazing will ensure that if you need new windows, they will be as visually appealing as they are functional. 

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Window Tinting & Safety Tempering Film

Large windows add light to your home and keep it warm. Too much sunlight through windows overheats a room and the intense brightness makes it uncomfortable to sit and relax. Finding the right window coverings can be costly and the upkeep difficult.

Glass tinting is an excellent solution to maintain the benefits of natural light without the unsightly problems of dust layers on blinds and curtains. We tint your windows to limit the level of sun exposure and add privacy to your space.

If you need to protect your windows and make them durable, we can apply a safety tempering film for strength and resilience. This film is impact resistant and improves structural integrity.


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