Golden Window Repair & Glazing Services

Looking for business or home window repair in Golden, CO? We have over a decade and a half of experience and can get done the window repair, replacement, and glazing jobs you need. With a population of only around 20,000, we know Golden is a smaller and more intimate city than Denver. Consequently, it can be a challenge to find a reputable company or contractor for your Golden window repair or replacement job. Don’t take a chance; come work with a company with a wealth of experience, and let us get done any and all window work that needs completing.

Window Repair

Over time, window frames may rot and glass can crack or grow dull. This can lead to any number of problems for your home or business. A damaged window may be less energy efficient, and can result in substantial heat loss. Its weaknesses may also leave it more vulnerable to burglary. Even the stress of waiting for a damaged window to get worse is bad enough.

Depending on the degree of damage, window repair can be a smart and effective alternative to replacing a window. Window repair is generally cheaper than repair, can avoid unnecessary waste, and can in many cases help to ensure that the unique character of a given building is maintained and kept consistent throughout.

Window Replacement

In some cases, repair is simply not possible; a window may be too damaged to be responsibly repaired without negatively affecting the integrity of the overall structure. 

In such cases, a window replacement is the optimal choice. We can provide glass for a window that matches the character of your home or business, ensuring it meshes well with the surrounding structure while letting in the optimal amount of light and heat.

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Residential Window Tinting

We know that Golden, CO can get cold in the winter, and so having properly insulated windows is essential. During warmer months, windows can also have the effect of overly heating internal rooms. A large window in direct sunlight can uncomfortably heat up the interior of a home if it is not properly managed.

One way of addressing this problem is with our window tinting services. Window tinting uses a film layer to more effectively manage the light coming into the room, and is done both for reasons of privacy and to mitigate excessive exposure. Rather than needing to constantly draw blinds, window tinting offers an evergreen way to manage the sunlight entering your home while still enjoying the views Golden has to offer.


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Having the right windows is essential to maintaining a high quality of life inside your home. If you need a Golden window replacement job, window repair job, or other window-related services in Golden, contact Reliable Glazing. We understand the importance of windows in your home, and have the breadth of experience to ensure that all of your window needs are met. Don’t hesitate; contact us online or call us today at (720) 981-4048.

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