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DIY Tips to Improve Your Colorado Home’s Curb Appeal

March 15, 2022

There are dozens of ways to boost your Colorado home’s curb appeal by doing some home improvements of your own. Your home’s exterior is important for many reasons, not only for when you go to sell, but it also sets the stage before you or your guests enter your home. Here are 10 DIY projects that will add the curb appeal you can be proud of. 

1. Greenery 

If you are one of the lucky ones blessed with a green thumb, planting flowers and greenery is a surefire way to make your yard look amazing. Don’t have the time to plant? Don’t worry, adding planters to places around the focal points of your home have the same effect! Places such as windows, around the door, and along the deck if you have one. 

2. Paint Your Front Door

Adding a pop of color to contrast, but ensuring it also coordinates the rest of the paint on your home, is an inexpensive and easy way to attract people’s eyes to your home. 

3. Clean and Pressure Wash

Rent a power washer from your local hardware store and give your home, sidewalks, and driveway a good washdown. It’s wild what years of dirt and grime can do to your home and how clean and satisfying it will look once you’ve finished.

4. Replace Your Mailbox

Another easy and inexpensive way to enhance your curb appeal is updating your mailbox. Swapping out an old, dated mailbox to a newer, stylish mailbox is quick and effective. 

5. Coordinating Paint Colors

If you loved what the door did to the appeal of your home, try tackling a little bit of a more challenging project and paint the rest of the exterior of your home. Pick two or three colors and a palette you love. 

6. Add a Seating Area

Adding a bench or a couple of Adirondack chairs you can also paint to coordinate with the exterior of your home is a great way to add personality to your home. Add some outdoor pillows as well to further personalize the feel. 

7. Well-Manicured Lawn

Taking care of your lawn is probably the most important of all things to keep in mind when working to improve your homes curb appeal. Keeping the grass mowed, pulling weeds, raking leaves and watering the lawn are all easy ways to ensure your lawn stays in tip top condition. 

8. Add or Update Your Light Fixtures 

If you don’t already have light fixtures near the door of your home, adding light to a dark entryway will be much more welcoming. Updating the fixtures if you already have some old fixtures there can also help be more inviting. 

9. Add New House Numbers

If your house numbers are worn or hard to see, purchasing new house numbers helps significantly. Try buying large numbers made of aluminum, brass or steel to really catch the eye of home buyers and guests.

10. Regularly Clean Your Windows

Although this might seem like a small detail, it’s important to keep your windows clean to really help the front of your house shine. Windows free of dirt and bugs can help your home feel like new again. 

While all of these DIY tips are wonderful to have, one of the best ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal is by hiring Reliable Glazing to refinish or replace your windows as necessary. Outdated windows affect our lives more than we realize. Not only do your windows affect your home from the outside, but the inside as well. Bright, cheery windows are necessary for our quality of life. Hire Reliable Glazing to do the work for you and ensure your happiness with your curb appeal. Call our professionals today to get a quote. 

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