Westminster Window Repair & Glazing Services

When you’re investing in any type of home improvement, you want to make sure the work is completed by experienced professionals who have expertise in their field. This is why Reliable Glazing is a long-time trusted provider of window repair and replacement services in Westminster. We are locally owned and operated and thoroughly understand Colorado residents’ unique needs when it comes to window insulation, style, and various other factors.

Common Window Concerns

Your windows may some care for a number of reasons. Westminster window repair and replacement is often necessary when your home suffers from poor insulation, for example. Windows, after all, are common sources of air leaks. This issue often comes along with a spike in your utility bill or even fog and condensation on the glass.

If your windows are damaged during a storm or backyard baseball game, you may require emergency window repair services so your home is secure as soon as possible. Some window problems can even be as simple as small chips or cracks in the glass or panes that no longer open and close as they should.

Replacement vs. Repair

At Reliable Glazing, we offer a long list of services that involve both replacement and repair work. When your windows are outdated or severely damaged, Westminster window replacement could be your best option. We can install a few different types of glass depending on your preferences: tempered, low-E, or cardinal.

On the other hand, many window concerns can be effectively handled with a few simple repairs. We understand that this option is often preferable to our customers and try to recommend repairs whenever possible. Repairs, after all, are cheaper than replacements and produce much less waste that must be thrown away. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about altering the overall structure or design of your home.

Window Improvements

Our expert technicians are also able to install two different window films that may increase the level of comfort and security you experience in your home. Our window tempering film is practically unnoticeable until a window experiences a forceful blow. This impact-resistant material is able to hold sections of broken glass together so they do not shatter and cause injuries. This service may also make it more difficult for someone to break into your home.

In addition, we offer window tinting to help homeowners avoid the greenhouse effect that is so common in buildings in sunny Colorado. Our window tinting not only blocks some of the intense light shining into your space but also gives you a bit more privacy if you live in a bustling neighborhood.

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Window Tinting & Safety Tempering Film

If you have a window in your home or business that faces direct sunlight during the heat of the day, you know the struggle of keeping your indoor temperature under control. Large windows can be an excellent way to allow natural light into your space. But, without proper sun protection, everyone inside can get uncomfortable quickly. Rather than dealing with unsightly window coverings or shades, consider the benefits of window tinting. We can tint the glass for privacy or add a high-quality film layer for reduced sunlight exposure. Talk to one of the experts at Reliable Glazing. Our Denver glass replacement services can suggest the right tint intensity for your space.

Applying window tempering film in Denver, CO will add durability and resilience to your glass. The impact-resistant film maintains the structural integrity of your glass when it’s struck. Instead of shattering, it’ll spider from the point of impact, maintaining its general shape and composure. Your windows will look exactly the same while enjoying a higher level of durability against weather, accidents, and vandalism.


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At Reliable Glazing, we strive to offer window solutions that are affordable, efficient, functional, and beautiful. You can count on us to complete your project with high-quality materials, the utmost attention to detail, and a short turnaround time. We are even able to connect you with Hearth to access your ideal payment plan. 

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