Low-E Glass

When you need to install or replace your windows, it is essential to consider the type of glass you use. Heat and energy loss from your Colorado home occurs mainly through the glass of your windows. Low-E glass is an energy-efficient solution that keeps your house comfortable and reduces your energy costs.

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What Is Low-E Technology?

Low-emissivity glass minimizes the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that comes in through your windows while still allowing for natural lighting. This glass has a transparent coating that reflects outside rays away from your house. It also prevents the interior air from escaping outside.

How Does a Low-E Coating Work?

The natural light that illuminates your home uses only a fraction of the light spectrum. These glass coatings allow only a specific wavelength and frequency of light to pass through your windows, providing you with light that does not transfer heat.

This process saves energy throughout the year. In the winter, the reflective coating keeps the warm air inside, enabling you to keep your rooms warm efficiently. Low-E windows divert the infrared heat away from your house in the summer, helping you maintain a cool interior.

What Are the Types of Low-E Coatings?

There are two kinds of Low-E technology:

  • Hard coat: This durable coating is excellent for very cold climates. It allows some of the infrared energy through the glass to help heat your home.
  • Soft coat: This type of finish is efficient at reflecting heat energy and better suited for places that vary from cold to hot. This glass offers better UV protection and helps maintain consistent interior comfort in different seasons.

Why Choose Low-E Glass Installation?

Windows with this specialized coating provide many benefits to Colorado residents, including:

  • Lowers utility bills
  • Improves window durability
  • Protects furniture and fabrics from fading in the sunlight
  • Prevents mold and mildew by producing less condensation during temperature extremes.
  • Creates a pleasing atmosphere by allowing natural light into your rooms.

Rely on Our Specialists to Install Low-E Windows

At Reliable Glazing, our professionals have the expertise to work with Low-E window glass. We ensure you get the full benefit of this type of window by properly installing or replacing your glass. We offer:

  • Next-day measuring services
  • Locally-owned Colorado company
  • One-week turnaround time for replacements
  • Over 35 years of experience

Your windows are an essential factor for controlling many aspects of your home. It is vital to choose and install quality glass to ensure the best return on your investment. Call us at (720) 981-4048 to learn more about how Low-E glass benefits you. Our experts have the training and skill to deliver the best results for your new windows.

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