How to Fix Foggy Windows in Your Colorado Home

How to Fix Foggy Windows in Your Colorado Home

April 19, 2022

When your windows are foggy or you see condensation buildup on them, most of the time, this means the seals of your windows are no longer properly functioning. Some reasons for this are excess heat, old age, and water exposure. Properly sealed windows are important to maintain energy efficiency in your Colorado home, and at Reliable Glazing we have over 15 years of experience fixing your foggy window issues.  

Usually, the best way to solve your foggy windows is by replacing the window. Double-paned windows are especially prone to haze and hard water spots due to the design of the two window panes with space in between the glass. Cleaning the haze and water spots off of the windows can be very challenging, but we have a few tips and tricks with some common household items to try to help you clean your windows should replacing them not currently be an option. 

How to Remove Haze from your Windows

  • Place a dehumidifier by the window and see if this quick, easy solution can pull the moisture out of the glass.
  • If possible, drill a small hole at the top of the windowpane and use a hanger to snake in a piece of fabric or panty hose to grab the haze and water spots off of the window.
  • If the above doesn’t quite do the trick, use a turkey baster to place a few small drops of alcohol and the alcohol often times can also pull the moisture from the glass.

How to Remove Hard Water Spots from your Windows

  • Put together a mixture of half water and half vinegar
  • Spray the solution onto the windows
  • Use a clean cloth or sponge to wipe the water spots from the windows

While these temporary solutions to cleaning your windows are cost-efficient, it is only a matter of time before the nuisance of haze and fogginess will return. Reliable Glazing can help you fix your foggy windows immaculately with the fastest turnaround time available in the Denver area. Don’t hesitate to call us today to receive your free consultation on your window glazing needs. 

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