Boulder Window Repair & Glazing Services

At Reliable Glazing, we understand how important the windows of your home are for letting in light while maintaining the indoor temperature in Boulder, CO. Our team has more than 15 years of experience with Boulder window repair and replacement, and our competitive pricing makes us the go-to option for all of your window needs. We offer a number of professional services to take advantage of the natural light available to your home.


Repairing your existing window is typically less expensive than fully replacing it, and it also requires fewer materials and keeps the original window structure intact. Windows go through natural wear and tear over time, slowly weakening and becoming more susceptible to fogginess and cracking. In addition to leaving you more vulnerable to a potential break-in, weakened windows may also lead to poorer insulation. Our professional team can assess the current state of your windows to determine if a repair may be beneficial. By quickly addressing potential issues, you may still be able to enjoy your windows for years to come.


All windows need replacement eventually, with most recommending complete replacement every 15 to 20 years. Reliable Glazing’s technicians will consider the need for glass repair first before moving to the option of a Boulder window replacement. Replacement may be the better option if:

  • You are looking to improve the aesthetics of your windows
  • You wish to upgrade to greener solutions
  • You desire more light in your living space
  • You feel repair is not the practical or economical option

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Safety Tempering Film and Tinting for Windows

Big windows let in a lot of light and make for gorgeous vistas of Boulder’s surroundings like the Flat Irons. This reduces the need to use electricity to better see during the day, but natural sunlight also has a way of heating your home if your windows are untreated. Reliable Glazing offers window tinting services that provide sun protection while also letting in the natural light. Not every home or business has the same tinting needs, which is why our team customizes a suggestion just for you.

In addition to a tailored tint, our window tempering film adds a layer of protection to your windows. The tempered film is more likely to keep its shape when struck and simply cause a spider crack rather than shattering on impact. This still offers you protection from weather and more while you work on a repair solution for any spiderwebbing. 


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Windows are an essential part of the atmosphere of your home. You should be able to enjoy your environment to its fullest without worrying about ill-fitting glass or frames. Our trained professionals for home window repair in Boulder CO are ready to help you with any replacement, repair, or adjustments you need for the glass in your home. As an added benefit, we offer free consultations and estimates, so there is no risk in examining your options. Contact Reliable Glazing by filling out our convenient online form, or give us a call at (720) 981-4048 today to learn more about the services we offer in Boulder and the surrounding areas.

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