Tempered Glass

Choosing the type of pane you want for your window or door is not necessarily easy. You have to make decisions about style, thickness, tinting and strength. At Reliable Glazing, we want to make sure you get the type of glass that fits your needs. Tempered glass is a higher-quality option than standard glass, offering homeowners and business owners numerous benefits that make it a good choice.

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The Experts in Colorado Tempered Glass Installation and Repair

At Reliable Glazing, we provide our customers with options. Tempered window glass is a safe choice, but it does not have to be boring! You can choose from various styles and shapes, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, we can always have one custom-designed to meet your needs and taste.

We offer tempered glass installation and replacement for homeowners and businesses. Our experts provide quick and reliable services. When you submit a window request, we send someone out the next day to take measurements. Within one week, you’ve got your new pane.

Benefits of Tempered Glass

Tempered window glass is produced using a specialized heating and cooling procedure that makes it stronger and more durable than normal glass. During the process, the outer surface cools more quickly than the interior, creating tension inside and compression outside.

This type of glass is also more resistant to the damage caused by temperature changes, an attractive feature in the Colorado climate. We can see impressive temperature swings from hot to cold and vice versa in a single day. The tempering process makes the glass:

  • Strong: Tempered glass is four times stronger than standard window panes.
  • Safe: It’s safer than normal glass, too. If something strikes the window, it won’t shatter. It is more likely to crack first, but if it breaks, it breaks into small, round pieces that are far less dangerous than the sharp shards you get with regular glass.
  • Scratch-resistant: The glass is also more resistant to surface scratches, making it a great option for people who have kids.

Eventually, you might need tempered glass replacement, but it’ll take you longer to reach that point than it would if you have normal glass installed. This material is often used in places where safety is a priority, including car windows, mobile phone screens, shower doors, cookware and bullet-proof glass. If you want your windows to last, tempered is your best option.

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