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What Is Window Tempering Film?

December 30, 2020

Window tempering is process that’s designed to make windows safer and protect against breakage by home intruders. Because window tempering is a safety issue, a lot of municipalities require certain windows to be tempered if they could potentially be broken.... View Article

The Benefits of Reglazing Windows

December 16, 2020

Windows are essential when it comes to the functionality, efficiency and aesthetic appeal of our spaces. Unfortunately, window problems can come up unexpectedly and cause a lot of issues for homeowners. When these issues arise, it’s important to know how... View Article

Why Did My Window Crack?

November 27, 2020

Few things are more distressing to a homeowner than a cracked window. Window cracks in Denver, CO are a big deal, especially with a blustery winter rolling through our part of the state. A crack in your window sacrifices energy... View Article

How Long Does It Take to Have Windows Reglazed?

November 13, 2020

The windows in your home are one of the most critical parts of keeping your home insulated. When most homeowners think of insulation, their mind goes to the pink fluff shoved between the walls of their home. While that is... View Article

How Often Do You Need to Replace Your Windows?

October 27, 2020

You walk past a window in your kitchen and feel a chilly draft. It’s not new—you’ve been feeling that same draft for years! It’s just part of your old home. The draft in the dining room, though? That’s new, and... View Article

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