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What Is Window Tempering Film?

December 30, 2020

Window tempering is process that’s designed to make windows safer and protect against breakage by home intruders. Because window tempering is a safety issue, a lot of municipalities require certain windows to be tempered if they could potentially be broken. Unfortunately, many homeowners, especially those with older homes, don’t meet the building codes governing glass tempering. Thankfully, window tempering film in Denver, CO allows homeowners to meet building codes without replacing windows with tempered glass. Keep reading to learn more.

What is safety tempering film?

Safety tempering film can be applied to windows to replicate the effects of glass tempering on untreated glass. In most cases, tempered glass is required in areas that might be considered dangerous. This requirement usually applies to windows in or around stairwells and bathrooms, but it can vary depending on the specific jurisdiction. Unfortunately, replacing untreated glass with tempered glass can cost several hundred dollars per window. The good news is that window tempering film in Denver, CO offers a low-cost alternative to safety tempering that’s much easier, more affordable and more convenient than replacing glass.

Safety window tempering film in Denver, CO is applied to existing windows to mimic the performance of tempered glass. Like tempered glass, windows that have been treated with safety tempering film are less susceptible to shattering and breaking from impacts. Applying safety tempering film in Denver, CO to older windows is an easier and more affordable way to ensure compliance with local building codes and ensure that your home is protected from intruders.

Benefits of safety tempering film

In addition to compliance with local building codes, there are some great benefits of investing in safety tempering film in Denver, CO:

  • Improved home security: One of the biggest benefits of safety tempering film is that it can slow down potential intruders. This film strengthens glass and makes it much more difficult to break. This can deter would-be intruders by making access much more difficult.
  • Storm protection: Safety film prevents windows from shattering, which can improve safety during storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters. It significantly increases window strength and prevents damage.
  • Boosted home value: Finally, safety tempering film in Denver, CO can improve the value of your home. Homeowners look for features like window tempering when considering a prospective home purchase. Window film is a relatively minor investment that can bring a great return for homeowners in the form of increased home value.

Get safety tempering film in Denver, CO

Find out more about window tempering film in Denver, CO by reaching out to Reliable Glazing. Whether you need help with tempered glass replacement or tempering film installation, our team has the experience necessary to assist you. We are a locally owned and operated company with 17 years of experience providing our customers with glazing services, window tempering film, glass tinting and tempered window replacement. Give us a call today to find out more about our services and get started with a consultation and quote. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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