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Why Did My Window Crack?

November 27, 2020

Few things are more distressing to a homeowner than a cracked window. Window cracks in Denver, CO are a big deal, especially with a blustery winter rolling through our part of the state. A crack in your window sacrifices energy efficiency. It also signals to potential prowlers that your home is vulnerable.

Of course, when you first spot a crack in your window, you might be curious as to how exactly it happened. Here are some of the potential causes.


The first thing any homeowner thinks of when they spot a crack in their window is that something probably ran into it. Maybe it was an errant baseball. Perhaps it was a very misguided bird. Impact cracks are easy to spot because they all have reasonably clear patterns. There will be a fairly clear center of impact with cracks spreading out from the center. These cracks are relatively straightforward to spot and diagnose.

Stress breaks

Impacts aren’t the only reason why window cracks may develop on your home. When the temperature begins to fluctuate by wide degrees, as they tend to do during winter, it puts enormous strain on your windows. Stress breaks like these often occur on cold winter days when an unaware homeowner puts the heat on high. The difference in temperature between the heat inside and the cold weather outside can cause a crack.

Stress cracks begin on one side of the window and spread inward across the length of the glass. If left untreated, what starts as a tiny crack can become a massive gap in your windows.

Pressure breaks

The least common type of crack occurs in double-paned windows, when the air pressure drops or rises suddenly and dramatically. These unique cracks require costly window repair in Denver, CO. They curve inward, forming a haphazard hourglass shape. Most commonly, a pressure crack results in the need to replace the entire window.

New or old doesn’t matter

When you first installed your new windows, you probably thought they’d be indestructible. However, regardless of whether they’re single or double paned, your windows are susceptible to sudden cracks. Thankfully, there’s little to worry about, as most window cracks can be efficiently repaired if you get to them quickly enough.

Work with the glass experts

It doesn’t matter what caused your window cracks in Denver, CO. The team at Reliable Glazing is ready and waiting to help. Since we opened our doors all the way back in 2003, our locally owned and operated company has established a reputation for excellence in the world of glazing.

When you work alongside Reliable Glazing, you can count on our ability to repair any cracks in your windows. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver first-rate service in an extremely efficient timeframe. We understand how valuable your time and money are, and that’s why we make great efforts to ensure your needs are met from the jump.

If the windows on your house are cracked or in need of repair and upkeep, Reliable Glazing is the team you can count on. Schedule an appointment today!

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