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The Winter Benefits of Tinting Your Windows

September 22, 2020

With extreme changes in temperature come higher energy bills, as your heater and air conditioner struggle to keep up. Most of us think of window tinting as something that’s more appropriate for keeping the summertime heat out of our homes, but winter window tinting in Denver, CO actually provides similar benefits.

Each winter, about a third of your home’s heat is lost through doors and windows. You can address this by using proper weatherstripping and making sure the caulking around your windows is fully intact, but to really keep the heat in, call in the pros to apply window tinting.

How window tinting works

Window tinting is installed by applying a very thin layer of energy-efficient film to your window glass. The film bonds to the glass and helps block solar heat from entering your home. This is usually best suited for east- and west-facing windows, which get complete sun exposure throughout the day—you may not need it for your north- and south-facing windows, since they won’t get as much sun.

Note that in many cases, both the tinting and the window warranties will require professional installation. If you don’t want to risk voiding your warranty, make sure you hire an experienced company to perform the installation.

There are three major types of window film. Tinted film is the oldest type, and will block UV light and heat. High reflectivity film offers a mirror-like appearance, which reflects sun off the windows and keeps your home cooler in the summer—the only drawback is that it won’t allow solar heat to warm your home in the winter. Finally, low-e film is the most technologically advanced option available, and best for reaping the benefits of window tinting in Denver, CO in both summer and winter. It blocks heat in the summer, keeps your home warm in the winter and allows plenty of outdoor visibility.

Benefits of tinting your windows for the winter

Naturally, energy savings is the biggest benefit and reason to try winter window tinting in Denver, CO. The cost of utilities continues to rise, and with the dramatic local weather conditions, you stand to save a lot over the course of the year. Keeping your home’s temperature at a consistent and comfortable level is reason enough to tint your windows, but there are other reasons to give it a try.

Keeping ultraviolet (UV) rays out of the home is also a good reason to tint the windows. UV rays are responsible for fading furnishings, upholstery and carpet, but they’re not great for humans and pets, either.

Finally, you’ll see a reduction in glare when you install window tinting—a year-round benefit that can improve the view while you stay warm inside your home.

As you can see, the benefits of window tinting in Denver, CO aren’t limited to the summertime. When you work with reliable, affordable professionals like the team at Reliable Glazing, you’ll enjoy energy savings even in the winter. Call us today to get a quote for your window tinting.

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