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Five Signs You Need New Windows

April 6, 2020

Great windows throughout your home not only make your house look fantastic, but modern, efficient windows can add value, increase your comfort and reduce your energy costs. It is a big decision, and it can be difficult to tell when you need to replace the windows throughout your home.

Here are five signs you may need to invest in window replacement in Denver, CO.

High energy bills

If you’re standing near your windows and it is colder than the rest of the room, there is a chance you are wasting energy. High energy bills can be the result of windows that are too old or simply inefficient. Windows that are too old or that are insufficient insulators can cause air to escape, leading you to use your central heating and air conditioning more than you should. New, more energy-efficient windows are the solution.

Windows are drafty or have condensation buildup

If your windows are not shutting properly, this can cause a draft in your home. Besides increasing the amount you spend on energy, a poorly-closed window could also be a security risk. You might have also noticed increased condensation on the inside or in between the panes of your windows. While this might seem like a slight inconvenience, the leak can cause mold to grow in the window frame. If either of these issues are happening, it might be best to replace your windows.

Windows are worn out

Even the best window frames might become warped or rotted over time. This can happen faster if the window has excessive moisture build up. Getting your windows checked yearly can help slow down the wear and tear, but this step is often neglected by homeowners. As soon as you notice rot or warping, you should take care of it—window repair in Denver, CO may be sufficient. If you catch it too late, however, replacing your windows is the best option.

Excessive noise pollution

While sounds of nature coming in to your home might be pleasant, honking horns and construction noise are the types of sounds you want to keep out. Older windows do not have the same capabilities as more modern windows, which are built to reduce the transfer of sound. If you are looking for a better quality of life, think about investing in window replacement to reduce the noise.

Windows are single pane

If you have single-pane windows, your home is lacking in insulation and soundproofing. This could cause high energy bills as your HVAC system works hard to fight against the outside temperatures. You can solve this problem by reglazing your windows, but it might be best to complete a full window replacement if the windows are older.

Whether you’re looking to reduce your energy bills, lower the amount of noise pollution coming into your home or simply feel like it’s time for a modern upgrade, Reliable Glazing can help you with your window replacement in Denver, CO. Give us a call today to learn more or schedule a consultation.

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