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Are Window Glass and Window Glaze the Same Thing?

March 7, 2020

If you’re not part of the glass industry, all the similar terminology can be a bit confusing. For example, window glass and window glaze are sometimes the same thing, but not usually. To help define these terms, here are a few window glazing facts in Denver, CO.

Use the window glazing FAQs in Denver, CO below to distinguish between window glass and window glaze. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact your local glaze experts.

What is glass made of?

Glass is a mix of dry minerals and sand. It usually contains four elements: silicon, calcium, sodium and oxygen. Additional ingredients often include soda ash, lime and silica sand. Borax may also be added to strengthen the glass.

What is glaze made of?

Typically, glaze is a mixture of fine powders that are suspended in water. Here’s a window glazing fact in Denver, CO to increase your trivia knowledge: this mix is referred to as a slurry.

How is glass made?

To create glass, a technician mixes the sand and other ingredients in appropriate proportions and feeds them into a furnace. For hardened glass, borax is added. The ingredients are heated at extremely high temperatures to form the glass.

How is glaze made?

To add a glaze to a surface, the slurry is placed on the surface using brushing, dipping or spraying. Once the surface has dried, the product is placed in a kiln for heating. During the heating process, the glaze undergoes a physical and/or chemical change. It becomes permanently bonded to the surface to which it was applied.

What is the difference between glass and glaze?

A main differentiator between glass and glaze is the recyclability of glass. After the material has been shaped into a window, jar or other product, it can be re-melted and fashioned into something else. This process can be repeated several times before the glass becomes too degraded to use again.

With a glaze, once it has fused to a surface, it is not feasible to try to separate it for recycling. It has bonded permanently with the product, and both would be destroyed if one tried to separate them.

Where can I find out more about glass and glaze?

Your best source for window glazing facts in Denver, CO is a local company that specializes in glazing. These experts can answer any questions you have and provide glazing services if needed. If you will need glazing, be sure to look for a company that has experience with this process, since not all glass companies have expertise in this area.

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