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How Low-E Glass Improves Your Home Living

January 18, 2020

When it comes to your home surroundings, there are many factors you probably consider to create the safety, comfort and lifestyle you desire. One of the features that might not top your list—but should—is energy-efficient glass windows in Denver, CO.

This basic structure of the property greatly affects your living space in a variety of ways. As you make plans for your Denver home, consider the following low-E glass benefits.

Low-E technology

Of course, before you can understand low-E glass benefits in Denver, CO, you must understand what this technology is and how it works. It’s been used in windows since the 1970s and has become a standard for modern homes. The “E” stands for emissivity (the power to emit heat). Since you want windows to reflect heat away from the home to keep it cool, low-E for your windows is the desired rating. It means the glass will effectively reflect the sun’s rays.

To create low-E glass, technicians complete a hard coat or a soft coat application of metallic oxides to the panes. A hard coat is applied on the outside of the glass surface. A soft coat is applied on the interior, between the panes. The soft coat option provides the greatest energy efficiency.

Low-E glass benefits in Denver, CO

The properties of this type of glass offer several low-E glass benefits in Denver, CO:

  • Interior protection: Over time, furniture can fade due to exposure to sunlight. The UV rays damage and deteriorate your fabrics on sofas, window treatments, wall coverings and rugs. With low-E glass windows, the panes reflect this light and help maintain brighter and more attractive interior furnishings.
  • Utility savings: Low-E windows increase your energy efficiency, and with greater efficiency comes greater savings on your utility bills. The panes effectively help keep your home warmer during cold weather and cooler during hot seasons.
  • Improved views: Windows covered in condensation aren’t great for viewing. Condensation can form quickly on windows that aren’t made of low-E glass. To avoid this annoying issue, use only energy-efficient glass windows in Denver, CO.
  • Increased durability: Most windows are made of thin panes of glass. This makes them susceptible to extreme weather conditions and other situations that can cause damage. By adding the low-E coating to the window, technicians add greater durability to the glass.

Low-E glass experts

If you would like to add low-E coating to your current windows or are interested in purchasing new low-E windows, be sure to work with professionals who are experts in this technique. If the windows are not properly installed, you will not be able to experience the full advantages of low-E glass benefits in Denver, CO. Consult with your local glass professionals to ensure your glass is handled correctly.

Enjoy the benefits

Don’t wait another season to start enjoying low-E glass benefits in Denver, CO. Contact the team at Reliable Glazing today. Locally owned and operated, we’ve been serving customers with unmatched quality since 2003. We pride ourselves in fast and efficient project completions, delivering top service and products at affordable rates. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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