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Understanding Low-E Glass

November 18, 2019

Thankfully, the days of inefficient single- or double-paned windows are long behind us. Now, homeowners have the option of installing ultra-efficient windows that are proven to keep homes more comfortable while also reducing energy costs. Though there are multiple options for this high-end glass, low-emissivity (or Low-E) glass is your best bet for house window glass replacement in Denver, CO. But what is low-E glass? Keep reading to find out!

Low-E glass is coated in microscopic layers of metallic oxides. Though the layers are invisible to the naked eye and allow tons of natural light into your home, they help block the harmful UV rays that fade furnishings and carpeting. The coating also helps control radiant heat (infrared light) as it enters and leaves your home. Your house will be warmer in the winter because the glass prevents radiant heat from escaping through the windows. Meanwhile, in the summer, your home will be cooler, because the glass blocks certain segments of light from entering your home that would otherwise raise the internal temperature.

Is low-E glass worth it?

The one downside of low-E glass is that it’s a bit more expensive than your standard window glass. Nevertheless, it’s well worth the investment. Here are a few reasons why homeowners opt for low-E glass during house window glass replacement in Denver, CO:

  • Lower energy costs: Since low-E glass helps retain heat in the winter and block it out in the summer, your heater and air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. And, the less hard your HVAC system has to work, the less energy it’ll require to operate! You’ll see big savings throughout the year, and your windows will pay for themselves in no time.
  • Prolong HVAC lifespan: Going along with the point above, if your heater and AC don’t need to work as hard, you can trust that the units will last longer. You can get a few more years out of your entire HVAC system by upgrading all of your windows to low-E glass. Again, this will save you a boatload of money in the long run, as a new furnace or AC isn’t a cheap investment.
  • More comfort: You’ll notice that your home is more comfortable the instant you have your low-E windows installed. Not only does low-E glass help maintain the temperature in your home, but it also blocks those harmful UV rays that can give you a sunburn. If you want to be as comfortable as possible while relaxing at home, be sure to upgrade to low-E glass.
  • Raise property value: If you’re selling your home any time soon, you should do everything you can to help boost your property value and make your house more attractive to potential buyers. A quick way to do that is by upgrading your windows. Experts say upgrading your windows can give you a 74 percent return on your investment—that’s a pretty great deal!

If you need house window glass replacement in Denver, CO, be sure to consider installing low-E glass with help from the team at Reliable Glazing. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation for your new windows or to learn more about any of our other glass services.

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