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How to Spot Window Damage

November 4, 2019

From a freak accident like a baseball flying through your window to damage sustained in a storm, your home’s windows are always in some danger of breaking. The problem is that unless glass shatters and lands on the floor, many homeowners may not be aware that they need window glass repair in Denver, CO. Thankfully, we’re here to help! Continue reading to learn some of the less obvious signs that your windows are broken:

  • Cracks: Behind an obviously shattered window, cracked glass is the second most noticeable sign that your window is damaged. You need to address cracks sooner rather than later, as the crack will only get wider and longer as time goes on.
  • Chips: Many window cracks actually start out as tiny chips. Just like with a crack, chips grow and grow the longer you let them sit. The good news is that most small chips can quickly be repaired by a trained professional.
  • Condensation: Those tiny droplets of water forming around the frame or in between the panes of glass probably aren’t caused by rain. Instead, they’re a sign that your windows are damaged! Instead of just wiping up the condensation, make a point of calling a window repair technician for help.
  • Rotten frames: Those old wooden window frames won’t last forever. Constant condensation sitting on wooden frames eventually leads to rot. Needless to say, a rotten window frame is a bad window frame! Any rotten windows need to be replaced as soon as possible.
  • High heating and cooling costs: If your heating and cooling costs keep going up, but you haven’t touched the thermostat, it’s time to take a look at your windows. Old and damaged windows often let air from outside sneak in, while your inside air slips out. This problem makes your HVAC system work harder, thus leading to a higher energy bill each month.

My windows are damaged—now what?

If you’ve noticed any of the signs above, you’ll need to call a glass contractor for help as soon as possible. This is what your contractor can do for you:

  • Repair: If you catch the damage early enough, window glass repair in Denver, CO may be a viable option. During the procedure, our professionals can make the necessary repairs to restore your glass to its original condition. We’ll have to evaluate the damage to determine whether repair is an option, or if you’ll need to go the more expensive route of replacement.
  • Replacement: If the glass is damaged beyond repair, or if the window is unstable, we’ll need to replace the whole thing. Though replacement is a more expensive process, it can be beneficial in the long run. Since they don’t allow drafts to get inside, newly replaced windows are more energy efficient and make your home more comfortable.

Whether you need replacement or window glass repair in Denver, CO, be sure to hire our team at Reliable Glazing! We have years of industry experience working with windows of all dimensions, so you can rest easy knowing we can get the job done right.

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