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What Are Tempered Glass Windows?

October 23, 2019

If you thought all glass is created equal, think again! Tempered glass windows are created using a heating and cooling process that makes the glass safer, more durable and shatter resistant. Tempered glass is about four times stronger than regular glass, which makes it ideal for cars, shower doors, skylights and even home windows. Keep reading to learn more about tempered glass and how to know you might need tempered glass replacement in Denver, CO.

Benefits of tempered glass

We wouldn’t offer so many tempered glass services if we didn’t think it’s worth it! Here are a few reasons why our customers opt to install tempered glass throughout their homes and businesses:

  • Safer: It’s important to note that while tempered glass windows aren’t invincible, they don’t shatter when broken. Instead, when impacted, tempered glass is designed to break into small, circular pieces. These little pieces of glass are more like harmless pebbles than sharp shards. Tempered glass is perfect for families with small kids running around the house, as they’re unlikely to hurt themselves by accidentally breaking a window.
  • Stronger: Tempered glass is much stronger than regular glass because it’s produced differently. After it’s cut, the glass is heated and then cooled in seconds in a quenching procedure. Quenching cools the outer surface much faster than the center of the glass, resulting in glass that’s four times stronger than what you’d get with a normal piece. You may eventually need tempered glass replacement in Denver, CO, but it will take a lot more than a small stone to cause any damage.
  • Scratch-resistant: Not only will your tempered glass windows not shatter, but they won’t succumb to surface scratches, either. This makes tempered glass a great option for homeowners with kids, or for business owners who are worried about vandals trying to damage their store windows.
  • Heat resistant: Glass shower doors are becoming an increasingly popular option for bathrooms across the globe, but standard glass won’t due in rooms that get really hot and steamy—like a bathroom—as it tends to shatter. That’s where tempered glass comes into play! Tempered glass is unaffected by heat and, as you already know, will never shatter.
  • Pattern and style options: We’ve found that some people are hesitant to switch to tempered glass because they think it’s all function and no style. That’s not the case! Tempered glass comes in a variety of designs that can be custom-made for your home or office.

Do you need tempered glass windows?

Though tempered glass windows obviously offer a ton of benefits, they’re more expensive than regular glass and don’t fit into everyone’s budget. If you’re not ready to spend the extra money for actual tempered glass, consider adding tempering film to all of the windows in your home. Tempering film provides some of the same benefits as tempered glass, but at a fraction of the cost.

Whether you want to have tempered glass windows installed or you need tempered glass replacement in Denver, CO, be sure to choose Reliable Glazing to tackle the job. We have years of experience in the glass industry, so you can rest easy knowing your windows are in good hands with our team.

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