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What You Don’t Know About Windows

September 21, 2019

Windows are standard features that don’t seem to hold much mystery or intrigue. You see them every day. You probably take them for granted at home and at work. But you probably don’t know the following interesting facts about these features. Following is everything you didn’t know about windows, from a longtime window reglazer in Denver, CO.

The History of the Window

Windows weren’t always made of glass. Before window reglazers in Denver, CO were called upon to create these panes, people used cloth, paper and animal hide for windows. Thin slices of marble were another, less common option.

It was around 100 A.D. that the first glass windows were introduced. We can thank the Roman Egyptians for this innovation. However, their design was very thick. You could not actually see out the window. It wasn’t for another 1,000 years that the current transparent design came into being.

Even with the introduction of transparent glass, these types of windows weren’t commonplace. Before glass windows became a standard feature, they were considered a luxury. They did not become common in homes until the 17th century. Even then, only the wealthiest had windows, and they only had them in the most important areas of their homes.

Helpful Window Tips

Windows are great features for a home, but they can cause energy loss if not installed properly. Leaky or faulty windows often account for up to one-fourth of your energy bill. Install double-pane glass or choose windows with Energy Star ratings to reduce your utility budget. Sun screens on the windows are also a great option to improve energy use.

Want to increase the amount of natural light in your home or office? Try skylights. They allow nearly a third more light into a room than vertical windows.

Fun Window Facts

“Fenestra” is the Latin word for “window.” It means “hole in the wall.” How appropriate!

How many windows does your home feature? The total probably doesn’t come close to these window-filled structures:

  • The White House boasts 147 windows, but Buckingham Palace has the President’s home beat, with 760 windows. Neither of these residences come close to the Empire State Building’s window features, with a total of 6,500 windows. And while that seems impressive, it pales in comparison with the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. This building features 34,348 windows.
  • The Winchester House, also known as the Winchester Mystery Mansion, doesn’t sport nearly that many windows, but the home is filled with architectural marvels based on the owner’s whims. Since her favorite number was 13, many of the rooms feature 13 windows.

Learn More

Would you like to learn more? For more great facts about windows, contact your window reglazers in Denver, CO. The team at Reliable Glazing is ready to assist you. As experts in our industry, we can answer any questions you have about windows and window reglazing. If you need window services, we provide tailored services that deliver high-quality results at reasonable prices. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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