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Watch for These Trends in Glass

September 7, 2019

The glass industry is constantly progressing with new innovations. Incorporating developing technology, glass manufacturers can now do more than ever before with design elements. Some of the latest trends are truly spectacular. Watch for the following trends in glass and glass reglazing in Denver, CO as they continue to gain popularity.

Glass Goes Digital

Over the last decade, this trend has exploded, with ever-increasing capabilities due to technological advancements. Displaying images on glass is now becoming commonplace. This is accomplished with interlayers of glass as well as placing etching on the glass. The technology has become sophisticated enough that it is possible to display different images on each side of a pane of glass.

Texturizing Trend

3D textures can transform the look of glass to mimic other surfaces. For example, adding texture can make the glass look and feel like ice or satin. The tactile surface can also be used to distort light and create incredible effects. With so many possibilities, textured glass is quickly gaining popularity in the field of glass reglazing in Denver, CO. Look for creative textures to appear more and more in both commercial and residential designs.

Colorful Creations

Glass is now available in any color you can imagine. Simply tint it with the hue you want to add interest and appeal to any space. With glass reglazing in Denver, CO, you can customize glass to easily transform a room with a bit of color. You don’t even have to worry about the color’s effect on the glass—it does not impact the durability. Technicians can engineer the glass to resist scratches and chemicals, just like untinted glass.

Privacy Panes

Wish you could make your office more private for meetings? Would you like to enjoy views from your home, but want better options for privacy? Switchable privacy glass is the perfect solution. With the push of a button, the panes switch from transparent to opaque. You can use this as a window pane or a partition to make your glass more versatile. It instantly creates privacy, transitioning in less than a second.

Technological Solutions

From smartphones to multimedia walls to kitchen hubs, glass is the go-to material for digital screens. Specialty glasses that offer durability and versatility are being applied to smart appliances, TV screens and more. You’re probably looking at a piece of glass right now! With the right techniques, glass can be applied to a wide range of digital projects to allow high-quality visuals and damage protection.

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