Windsor Window Repair & Glazing Services

Windsor residents can trust Reliable Glazing with all home window repair and glazing needs. From breaks and cracks to full replacement of window panes, our professional technicians can complete jobs quickly and meet or exceed your expectations. Proudly serving the Windsor community for over 15 years, we provide top-notch craftsmanship and competitive pricing for our customers.

Glass Repair

Home window repair in Windsor CO is quick and convenient with Reliable Glazing. We can fix cracks before they enlarge and wreak havoc on your entire windowpane. We want to help prevent window breaks because they require more extensive repair and can be dangerous because of:

  • Heat loss and water damage
  • Injury due to broken glass
  • Potential Burglary
When you need a Windsor window repair, our technicians can install a full pane replacement. Your new window pane will protect you from the elements and enhance the exterior of your home. 

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Glass Replacement

Homeowners in Windsor and other Colorado communities deal with harsh climate conditions that can harm window glass. Over time, windows undergo a loss of protective sealing quality, which can result in drafts and leaks.

Reliable Glazing will thoroughly inspect your windows to determine the extent of the damage. Many times, a full Windsor window replacement may not be necessary, and a repair is sufficient to restore the glass. Choosing a window repair solution over a replacement can:

  • Preserve the original frame and structure of the window
  • Save you money
  • Lessen environmental impact by reducing waste

Repair of Foggy Windows

Reliable Glazing can also handle problematic foggy windows. Fogging is often caused by a broken window seal, which is likely to happen in older windows exposed to heat and water over long periods of time. We have the tools and experience to restore clarity to your windows. Whether it’s replacing an old seal, using a defogging spray or replacing the glass, we will ensure your window won’t be foggy again.

Shade & Durability Solutions

Intense, direct sunlight can quickly raise indoor temperatures to uncomfortable levels and cause glare. Reliable Glazing offers glass tinting for sun protection and privacy. Window tinting film is thin, easy to apply and comes in a variety of light and dark tones. We will help you find the ideal glass tint solution for your needs and preferences.

In addition to glass tinting, we can apply window tempering film. This thin, impact-resistant covering prevents windows from shattering and adds durability and resilience to the glass. Window tempering film retains the appearance of the window and it adds extra protection from vandalism, harsh weather conditions and accidents.


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Locally owned and operated in the Front Range, Reliable Glazing is a convenient choice for home window repair in Windsor, CO. Our talented team can solve any window problem you might have.

We provide affordable financing options for our customers through Hearth. Contact us online or call us today at (720) 981-4048 for a free consultation and estimate for your window restoration project.

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