Timnath Window Repair & Glazing Services

Reliable Glazing takes pride in being the top source for window repair and reglazing in Timnath, Colorado for over 15 years. At Reliable Glazing, we understand the harsh weather conditions in a rural town such as Timnath can take a toll on your home or businesses windows. We are here to ease your mind that we will get the job done efficiently and effectively, along with our competitive pricing.

Window Repairs

Did the freezing temperatures of Colorado crack your window? Your windows protect you from the outside elements, and it’s important our team here at Reliable Glazing swiftly repair your window to protect you and your home or business. Repairing your window is a cheaper alternative to replacing and our experts will ensure it’s done in a timely manner to maintain your structure.

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Window Replacement

In the event your window cannot be repaired, Reliable Glazing will assess the situation and give you your best options on replacement for your Timnath, CO windows. With cracked and broken windows in the winter, your heater is working harder, costing you money. Our professionals will give you the best solution to ensure you aren’t spending what you don’t have to in order to get your home or business back in perfect condition.

Tinting & Tempering Film

Although the cold winter months in Colorado are a factor, the summertime also plays an important component in the importance of having the proper insulation on your windows. Windows without the necessary sun protection can skyrocket your energy bills. The experts at Reliable Glazing can add window tinting to help mitigate these factors.

The window tempering film adds a special safety feature to your windows that holds the integrity of the glass. Should your window be struck, the glass will spider opposed to shatter, keeping your family, children and pets safer from small shards of glass.


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Your home and business are important to your everyday life. Bright, functional spaces invited in with the proper windows is essential. We at Reliable Glazing strive to give you the best customer service, repair and replacement options you can find. Contact us at 720-981-4048 for a free consultation or fill out our online form.

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