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If you are seeking a company that specializes in home window repair in Lafayette, CO, Reliable Glazing may be the answer to all your problems. We offer window repair and replacement services, as well as a variety of other related services at affordable prices. When you choose Reliable Glazing, you are choosing the very best in the Lafayette area.

Nothing lasts forever, including windows, and at some point in time you may be in need of Lafayette window repair services. Damaged windows can cause an assortment of problems for property owners, and over time, they can become weak, foggy, and cracked. A damaged window can cause more than just insulation problems. They can also leave your home or business more susceptible to burglaries.

Window Repair

If your windows are in poor shape, you may be considering replacing them completely. You may need to replace severely damaged windows in some cases, but some windows may need to simply be repaired. Repairing your damaged windows instead of replacing them can provide the following benefits:

  • Repairing your window will be less expensive than replacing it.
  • Repairing a window allows you to maintain the character and integrity of the existing structure.
  • Window repair services can help reduce waste (an environmentally conscious alternative to replacement).
If your windows are in need of repair, Reliable Glazing can help you. We offer punctual, professional, and affordable window repair services to Lafayette and the surrounding areas.

Window Replacement

Sometimes, windows are damaged beyond repair. If this is the case with your windows, Reliable Glazing can still help. Our technicians understand that repairing a window is not always the best option from a practical or economic standpoint, and they will always take this fact into consideration.

Without proper windows, the interior of your building can be left feeling dark and disjointed since there is no access to sufficient sunlight. Fortunately, our Lafayette window replacement services can breathe new life into your building simply by switching out old windows. New windows will not only leave your structure looking significantly better, but they can improve insulation and provide an added layer of security.

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Tinting & Tempering Film

Have you ever considered tinting your windows? If you have, you will be pleased to know Reliable Glazing can help. Tinting is a process that involves using a thin layer of film to cover window panes, which in turn reduces the sun’s exposure through the window. Window tinting can provide an added degree of privacy while keeping your home at a comfortable temperature year-round. Reliable Glazing will work directly with you to determine the right degree of tint for your windows. Our tinting services are next to none.

By tempering your windows, you can add an extra layer of protection against break-ins, vandalism, inclement weather, and accidents. Tempered windows are far more durable than non-tempered windows, so you can rest easy knowing your windows are less likely to shatter. Tempering involves adding a layer of impact-resistant film to windows, so when they are struck by an object, they are far more likely to maintain their structural integrity.


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