Commerce City Window Repairs & Glazing Services

Commerce City is a great place to live with an expansive mixture of culture, recreation, and business opportunities. With such amazing views of the Rockies, it’s no wonder that homeowners want clean, high-quality windows. Reliable Glazing has provided home window repair in Commerce City, CO, at competitive prices, for more than 15 years. Throughout that time, we’ve developed a reputation for doing top-quality repair, installation, and other services with a focus on efficiency.

Recognize the Need for Repairs

There are many indications that it’s time for repairs, some are easy to spot, and others are a little harder to recognize. If you’ve noticed that your heating and cooling costs have increased, damaged windows could be the culprit. Check out the most common signs that you need Commerce City window repair or replacement:

  • There is an obvious draft even when the windows are closed.
  • The glass has been cracked or become foggy.
  • You can see condensation between layers of glass.
  • There are visible chips, softening, or water damage in the window frame.
  • There’s not much protection from outside sounds.

When to Opt for Window Glass Replacement

When one or more of your windows are giving you trouble, consider repairs before window replacement. Repairs are less expensive, more environmentally responsible, and better suited to retaining the original personality of your home.

Sometimes, however, repairs aren’t enough, and window glass replacement services become necessary. The installation of new window glass ensures an improvement in your monthly utility costs, as well as providing a boost in your home security system.

When repairs just aren’t going to provide the results you need for a safe, efficient home, replacement and installation is an obvious solution. We can glaze many different window makes and models.

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Appreciate the Value of Tinting and Safety Film

Of course, repair and installation services aren’t the only things we can do for you. At Reliable Glazing, we are proud to offer window tinting and safety tempering services. If your home and windows are open to direct sunlight, you’ve probably noticed that it’s hard to keep your rooms cool and comfortable. We add a thin layer of film to the window that reduces exposure to the sun’s rays. This service increases your comfort and privacy without obstructing your view.

A safety tempering film provides additional benefits, such as increased durability and enhanced resilience. With the film in place, window glass is less likely to shatter when struck. Instead, the glass will maintain its shape, until it can be replaced, keeping out weather and intruders. Your initial investment in safety film plays a vital role in reducing recovery costs during vandalism and natural disasters.


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At Reliable Glazing, we understand the desire for beautiful windows that allow cheerful sunlight and beautiful views into your home or business. When the time comes for Commerce City window repair or replacement, our experienced experts are ready to provide friendly, efficient services. Contact us today by phone at 720-981-4048 or online for a free consultation and cost estimate service. We love to talk windows!

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