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The History of Glass

August 9, 2019

We come into contact with glass every day, all day, from windows to drinking vessels—but do you know how long humans have been producing glass? The material is a lot older than you might think! Next time you’re planning home... View Article

The Difference in Glass Types

July 23, 2019

Glass technology has come a long way during our lifetime. Windows that would’ve shattered into thousands of pieces a few decades ago now stay intact even in high-impact scenarios. Today’s glass is made stronger using one of two different techniques:... View Article

What Is Low-E Glass?

July 9, 2019

Unless you work in the window replacement industry, you may be under the impression that glass is simply glass, and it doesn’t matter which type you choose for your windows. We’re here to tell you that’s not the case! There... View Article

When and Why You Should Use Tempered Glass

June 21, 2019

Are you looking to replace the glass in your home? You’re going to have many different options with regard to the kind of glass you use, including standard, laminated and tempered. What exactly is tempered glass, though, and in what... View Article