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What You Don’t Know About Windows

September 21, 2019

Windows are standard features that don’t seem to hold much mystery or intrigue. You see them every day. You probably take them for granted at home and at work. But you probably don’t know the following interesting facts about these... View Article

Watch for These Trends in Glass

September 7, 2019

The glass industry is constantly progressing with new innovations. Incorporating developing technology, glass manufacturers can now do more than ever before with design elements. Some of the latest trends are truly spectacular. Watch for the following trends in glass and... View Article

The Future of Glass

August 23, 2019

Glass objects as old as 5000 BCE have been discovered in parts of the world, proving that it’s a material that has aided civilizations for millennia. We use it every day in our cars, homes, offices, eyeglasses and jewelry—to name... View Article

The History of Glass

August 9, 2019

We come into contact with glass every day, all day, from windows to drinking vessels—but do you know how long humans have been producing glass? The material is a lot older than you might think! Next time you’re planning home... View Article

The Difference in Glass Types

July 23, 2019

Glass technology has come a long way during our lifetime. Windows that would’ve shattered into thousands of pieces a few decades ago now stay intact even in high-impact scenarios. Today’s glass is made stronger using one of two different techniques:... View Article

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